Event Photographer

Starlight Five Designers Fashion Show

Donate to Starlight and Get your images for FREE!

Hi everyone.

The photography service and web photo gallery of the Starlight Five Designers Fashion Show are our involvement to Starlight and hopefully a small extension of the event.

For anyone who participated in the event and wishes to have the original high res images, you can receive the images by donating to Starlight.


  1. Visit Starlight and make a donation.
    $5 / 1 image
    $20 / Up to 10 images
    Note: Some images may not be available to public guests.
  2. Email us (info@sydneyeventphotography.com.au) the donation receipt.
  3. Include in the email your full name, email address, the gallery page and index numbers of the images you wish to have (e.g. Page 3, 1234)
  4. The selected images will be emailed to you or available for download in 7 days.

For all other photo and print send us email to info@sydneyeventphotography.com.au